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The basic queries do not accept wildcards, i.e. you must enter either a complete Document number, or a complete Book & Page number, or a complete PIDN.

Advanced Searches

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Data Display

After you have run a search, the lower left frame of your browser will show the search results summary (document number, type of document, date recorded). Click on the document number in the left frame to see document details in the right frame. You can also view the document details, or the scanned image of the document, in a new window by right clicking (shift-click, or option-click on a Mac) on the link.

The scanned images are multi-page TIFFs. This is the same format as FAXs. In order to view the documents you must have an image viewer that handles this format installed on your system. Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95 all come with an accessory called either "wangimg.exe" or "kodakimg.exe", depending on the Windows version, which handle these images nicely. You may run into problems if you have installed a different image viewing/editing program that does not handle multiple page tiff files.

Internet Explorer - Newer versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE 5.5 SP1 and newer) no longer display TIFF images by default. The only option that is offered is to download the image to your computer.

QuickTime - QuickTime can NOT display multiple page tiff files, and generally causes problems with the display of scanned documents on this site. The quick solution is to un-install QuickTime. An alternative, which seems to work with version 5 on Windows is outlined below.

Open the Windows Control Panel
Open the QuickTime applet
Select the "Browser Plug-in" from the drop-down
Click the "MIME settings" button
Un-check the box beside "Images, Still image files"
Click "OK" and exit the QuickTime control panel applet

This will allow the standard Windows image viewer to display the documents that it handles best, and still allow QuickTime to display movies, audio, or whatever.

Mac Users - Colleen Thompson ( ) offers the following advice for viewing multiple page tiff files:

Graphic Converter is a $35 shareware program that will open multi-page tiff files. It can be purchased from; (download to your desktop, open it up with StuffIt Expander) store the application and its accompanying stuff wherever you store regular macintosh applications. Go to that folder, highlight the Graphic Converter application, make an alias (command m), and drag the alias onto the desktop, where it will live.

Once you have installed Graphic Converter, here's what you do:

Don't *view* the document on the county web site. Instead, just grab the document number from the right side of the web page and drag it onto your desktop, or select the document number from the right side of the page, hold down the mouse button (if using Navigator, option-click the link); then choose Download To Disk (or Save To Disk) from the resulting popup menu.

Once the document is on your hard drive (desktop is easiest) drop it on the Graphic Converter alias icon. The document will open; to view subsequent pages use the page-number chooser at the bottom of the window. Multi-page tiffs are in common use for faxes, among other things. You can even open one directly with your OCR software and do the OCR thing to it.

Download the Images - If the images will not display in your browser, you can always download an image file to your computer (Save the file to disk) and then use some suitable image viewing software to display or print the document. This appears to be the only option for Mac useres, as described above.

Document Availability

The data is updated every day. Documents can be retrieved by document number the day after they are recorded. Documents can typically be retrieved by PIDN, or with the advanced search tools, two business days after they are recorded.

Location based searches (searches based on PIDN, Subdivision or Section-Township-Range) will only retrieve documents recorded since July, 1996.

Searches based on Document Number, Book & Page, or Grantor/Grantee will return information on documents recorded since April, 1991.

Scanned images of all standard legal size documents are available for documents recorded since July, 1996. A limited number of images are available for documents recorded prior to July 1996. Scanning is on-going and more of the older documents will become available. Oversize documents such as maps and Subdivision Plats are not scanned.

The following table summarizes the search options, and the data that will be returned, for documents based on the date that they were recorded.

Documents recorded between:
Search criteria and results display April 1991 - June 1996 June 1996 to Present
Document Number or Book & Page yes yes
PIDN no yes
Grantor or Grantee yes yes
Subdivision no yes
Section, Township, Range no yes
Scanned documents available limited all

General Information

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