Fremont County Wyoming

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Parcel ownership and road centerline shapefiles are available for download.

Terms and Conditions


Fremont County and Greenwood Mapping, Inc. make no warranties as to the validity of the information contained herein, and assumes no liability associated with the use or misuse of this information.

These geographic data layers are provided by Fremont County, Wyoming as a public resource and are for display purposes only. They do not represent an on-the-ground survey and represent only the approximate relative location of property boundaries. This data is not intended to be used for description, conveyance, authoritative definition of legal boundary, or property title. This data is not a survey product and is not a substitute for a legal survey.

The ownership information contained within is not “real time” and may not reflect recent ownership changes. The ownership information in property tax assessment records is based upon recorded deeds. These data layers are not legal evidence of property ownership. Users are advised to consult a professional title service, surveyor, or attorney for questions regarding legal ownership. For additional ownership questions please contact the County Assessor @ (307) 332-1188 or the Fremont County Clerk @ (307) 332-2405.

County roads are those held by Fremont County for use by the traveling public. The County is not statutorily obligated to maintain each road, but does maintain some. Fremont County reserves the right to determine whether any given County road will be maintained and to determine how often maintenance shall occur, at its sole discretion, and to cease maintenance without notice, as the County deems necessary, for budgetary or other reasons. Fremont County assumes no liability to the traveling public and specifically retains the limitations of its liability under the Governmental Claims Act and any other relevant law. For questions about roads please contact the County Planner @ (307) 332-1079.

Private roads are held by private citizens or groups of citizens, and the public can be excluded from their use.

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