Greenwood Mapping, Inc. Services

Web and Mobile Mapping Applications

Our solutions are built on top of the OSGeo Open Source Geospatial Stack. We have chosen these building blocks because they provide the best performance, stability and compatibility at any cost. Open Source licensing guarantees our clients that they own and control their software. See our County MapServers for examples of our web mapping projects.


Our professional background in county government allows us to make connections between multiple departments and offices, presenting a single, seamless portal to citizens, professionals and county staff alike. We specialize in interactive "Web 2.0" applications with intuitive interfaces that allow the user to quickly drill down through mountains of data to the authoritative source, or to a scanned document, or even to pay taxes on-line.

GIS services

We provide GIS support and services to County, State, and Municipal Governments, Not for Profit Agencies, and the Private Sector. Our GIS support is tailored to meet the needs of each organization. Specialties include designing and implementing parcel based systems built from land records for County Government, data maintenance and the sustainment of datasets critical to the organization, map production, advanced spatial analysis and database manipulation.

The Cloud

Our Cloud projects are built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS servers allow us to cut IT costs and provide unparalleled performance and reliability. The Cloud also provides off-site backup and rapid delivery of large data without reliance on traditional servers.

Database integration and development

Experts in PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle, AS400/DB2, Microsoft SQL Sever, MySQL and Microsoft Access. This broad database background allows us to integrate data stored in systems ranging from legacy to the most modern. Integrating different databases is a central component of many of our projects. We also put our database knowledge to work in stand-alone web and desktop applications.

County Mapserver Solutions

We specialize in county government MapServers that integrate with multiple sources of public data including:

  • GIS - parcel mapping and 911 addressing
  • Clerk - scanned and indexed land records
  • Assessor - property detail and valuations
  • Treasurer - tax history and online payments