Teton County Rural Planning Survey
Teton County Rural Planning Survey

The tabs of this website will allow you to test, refine, and map new zoning concepts for the rural areas of Jackson/Teton County.

The concepts you will examine on this site would apply everywhere in the County except Town of Jackson, Wilson, Aspens, Teton Village, South Park Business Center, Hog Island, Resorts (such as Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis).


These concepts will ultimately become regulations, incentives, and programs that implement the community's Comprehensive Plan, which outlines a vision for Rural Areas that includes:

  • Preservation of large, contiguous open spaces
  • Preservation of key habitats, habitat connections, and scenic vistas
  • Preservation of agricultural heritage
  • Acknowledgement of a base property right of 1 unit per 35 acres or 1 unit per lot
  • Allowing less than 40% of growth to occur in Rural Areas


Explore the tabs, have some fun, learn about the concepts and provide your input. Please spend any time you can providing your comments. Provide whatever level of detail you want. Feel free to submit comments on one, some, or all tabs. There are two basic components to this site:


Concepts Analysis
(Zoning, Entitlements, Tools tabs)

  • Learn about the concepts
  • Rate how well they implement
    community policies
  • Suggest improvements or additional details

Concepts Application (Map)

  • Apply the concepts to locations across the County
  • See the impacts the different concepts have on
    community goals
  • Suggest improvement or additional details

Use the map and the options on the menus on the left to apply zoning, incentive, and conservation tool concepts to the rural areas of the community. Use the tabs on the top to get more information about a concept. Feel free to bounce around your work will be saved.


Choose a zoning concept for each region of the map by clicking on the map or using the selection boxes below You may set all regions to default option or start with a blank slate.

Set all to:
North Westbank Riparian
Solitude Area
Snake/Gros Ventre Parcels
South Westbank Riparian
South Park Riparian
Snake/Hoback Parcels
Hoback Subdivs
Hog Island River Corridor
Canyon Club
Airport Subdivs
Wilson Area Ag
Westbank Ag
Spring Gulch Subdivs
Spring Gulch Ag
Wilson Area Subdivs
Indian Springs/3 Creek
East Gros Ventre Butte
West Gros Ventre Butte
Rafter J/Melody
South Park Ranches
Central South Park
Northern South Park
Alta Farmland
Alta Subdvisions
Outlying Parcels
Crescent H
Game Creek
Red Top
Red Top Area Ranches
Buffalo Valley Ag
Buffalo Valley Subdivs


Apply entitlement incentives to the zoning concepts. You may choose make no changes to the current incentives or apply the new incentive concepts to any zone.

No Change
New Concepts:
   PR   CN-1  CN-2  CL   Ex 
Guest House Bonus
PRD Subdivision
Noncontiguous PRD


Select the additional conservation tools the community should utilize.


Teton County Scenic  
Preserve Trust

The below gauges provide an indication of how applying a concept will impact achievement of the community's goals. key

Amount of Growth
Residential units in thousands.
Location of Growth
Percentage of growth in Rural Areas.
Type of Growth
Likelihood of housing 65% of the local workforce

Thank you for spending time on the site and providing your input.

You are not required to supply your name, but we would appreciate knowing who participated.

For more information on the updates to the Land Development Regulations visit www.jacksontetonplan.com

Check if you would like to receive emails on the updates to the Land Development Regulations

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